More on our kits

Already tried to find a fishing kit which includes everything you need?   If so you've probably realised a few things: there's loads of kits available to buy but few if, any contain everything you need and ready to go...and most are a baffling collection of not so useful bits and bobs that won't catch much and will be tricky to understand...

Well you can're in the right place!   Our kits have been put together for one simple purpose; that's to give you everything you need in one bag to get fishing...nothing missed out and no need for any preparation. 

Our little mantra is: "everything you need and nothing you don't".  

A Get Set Go Fish kit is for float fishing only (that's the classic bright bobbing thing which goes under when you get a bite!).  It's the most exciting way to fish.  Watching the float and waiting for a bite gives kids a massive sense of anticipation and will keep them focused and engaged...most of the time at least!  

Our video guides take you through your kit, how to set everything and how to catch fish.  We're adding more all the time and we're sure you'll find what you need and lots of top tips.

Do get in touch if you have any questions or would like us to make a video to help you and your little ones catch more!


What's in a Get Set Go Fish Kit? 

- Telescope rod. 7ft lightweight carbon fibre 

-  Landing net. Fold away telescopic lightweight (for landing bigger fish)

- Reel.  With line already loaded (big plus as loading line can be hassle to start with)

- Rod rest

- Bait box

Plus a tackle box full of what you need:   

- Floats.  In different sizes depending on how far you want to cast and size of bait

- 2 packs of barbless hooks to nylon.  In two sizes.  These are hooks pre-tied to a short section of thin line which fish can't see so you'll catch more.  Also the thinner line acts as 'fuse' is your kit gets caught up and will snap first so you don't lose your float

- Weights (known as shot).  In various sizes. Used to fix your float and sink it to the right level

-  Scissors.  For cutting line cleanly 

-  Plummet weight.  For finding the depth of your fishing spot

-  Catapult.  For firing out loose bait to attract fish

-  Disgorger.  Tool for removing hooks easily