Fishing video guides

Watch our video guides on how to set up and get catching!

Use our video guides to see how to set up your complete fishing starter kit and get catching!  We're adding more content all the time but please get in touch if you'd like us to make a video to help your fishing along.  Our kits make amazing fishing gifts.   Get your kit, watch our guides and have the best time fishing! 

Fishing in lockdown's one of the few activities you're actually allowed to do!  So be safe but get out there and try fishing.  See a winter trip unfold, with some helpful tips along the way.




Fishing with kids - and what's been stopping you!   A short guide to planning a fishing trip with children, buying a fishing licence, choosing where to go...and more!



Lean how to attached your reel and thread up your rod 


See everything that's included in your tackle box 


The whole Get Set Go Fish kit overview 


 Find out how to test the depth of your fishing important job!


Join me on a fishing trip - part 1, setting up 


 Join me on a fishing trip - part 2, carp!  Slippery devil...


All you need to know about bait to get started in fishing