What fishing kit do you need to start fishing with children?

Number 3 in our series of blogs on “4 simple steps to start fishing with kids”

No need, dear reader, to gaze in bafflement round a dusty fishing shop (and then walk out with a ton of expensive kit that you have no idea how to use!).  We started Get Set Go Fish because we wanted to make it really REALLY easy to get off to a great start in fishing with children. 

One of our kits holds all the equipment you need to get started and it’s designed for fishing the typical lakes, rivers and ponds that you’re most likely to come across in the UK when starting out.   Also, our kits are for float fishing.   There’s lots of different ways to fish but basically float fishing is visually exciting, very logical and straight forward.  It is, without question, the best type of fishing to do with kids.   Our kits and video guides are very focussed on this method and that will help you and your little ones master it quickly.    

Our kits come in one bag too so you can sling it in the car any time or walk to the local lake with having to lump loads of awkward nets, poles and other bits and bobs.     You can be fishing in 5 minutes from opening your GSGF bag.   You will need bait however…that isn’t supplied with your kit.   Look out for our next blog when I go into that in some more detail. 

Bye for now