Top tips on fishing with kids. Welcome to our new blog

HELLO!  Welcome to the Get Set Go Fish blog.   This is our very first post so thank you for stopping by. 

Our plan is to use our blog to give you loads more tips and advice on how to get the best from your Get Set Go Fish kit and fishing with kids generally.

If you're just reaching GSGF for the first time, welcome - and I should explain a tiny bit of what we're about. 

I have loved fishing since way back and now as a Dad of two, I find fishing a fabulous way to spend time outside with my boys, doing something which they find super exciting...and they do absolutely love it.

I got thinking about why more parents don't fish with kids and started asking our friends.  The response was usually variations along the lines of "we would love to do it with our kids...but"... "don't know where to go, licence  Bait, how what...rod, fishing reel Que Blah *&$£*(")" get the idea.   

Folks like the idea of fishing but find it inaccessible and basically don't know where to start.   Wonder no more friends!   We are going to change that! Starting with our kits and our videos.   A Get Set Go Fish Starter kit provides all the fishing tackle you need to get your kids fishing.   It's all in one bag and you can just rock up and fish.  I should say, you will need to grab some our video called "bait essentials".     

Our video guides walk you through setting up your kit as well as loads of tips on fishing with kids.   We're add videos as quickly as we can but please be patient on this, it will take some time to build up the library so that we have all angles covered! 

One other thing I should say about our kits is that they are designed to be used on the lakes, rivers and ponds where beginners typically go fishing in the UK. The internet is festooned with various bits and bobs masquerading as fishing starter kits...I can tell you, the vast majority of it is not remotely suitable and won't catch anything!   This was one of the big reasons behind setting up GSGF.  I could imagine how many people have bought this angling bric-a-brac and been disappointed...and then given up.

We are also going to de-mystify going fishing itself - where to go, licences, fishing in different seasons, safety etc etc.   Please keep a look out for our posts and our videos on all that good stuff.    If you have any questions in the meantime, please get in touch; we'd love to hear from you:

Bye for now