How to get a fishing licence

Ahh, the fishing licence.   What is this mysterious certificate of angling legitimacy? 

 Fishing with Kids

Actually, a 2 minute job online and kids under 13 don’t need any kind of fishing licence, so there’s nothing stopping you!

So what are the rules and how do you get a licence so you can get out there fishing with your little ones this year?   

All fishing licences are bought easily online through the .Gov website…here’s the link  Buy a rod fishing licence: Buy a rod fishing licence for England and Wales - GOV.UK (  It’s the “Trout and Coarse” licence that you’re looking for in England and Wales (it’s a slightly different setup for the rest of the UK but you can see details through the link).


Who needs a rod licence?

  • Children under 13 don’t need any kind of licence
  • Age 13 – 16, kids need a junior licence.   It’s free, just complete the form through the link above
  • Ages 17-65, a paid licence costs £30 a year.  You can also get a week’s licence at £12 or a day for £6
  • Concessions available for over 65s and disabled anglers


So you can see it’s extremely good value to get fishing although you’ll still need to pay for your day ticket at your chosen venue (see blog post Dec 10).     Licences take effect 30 minutes after getting your licence online although if you’re planning ahead you can set your licence to start any time up to 30 days after purchase.   You’ll also be sent reminders by email when it’s time to renew.   

There’s no physical licence documents for juniors or short term licences – best just to keep the email confirmation safe or write down the licence number.   Only for adult annual licences is a credit card-type licence sent out in the post (but you can still fish 30 mins after buying online).       Licences are checked by folks from the Environment Agency who will walk round venues on occasion and check that everyone is legit.   Don’t see these guys very often but don’t get caught without a licence as there’s hefty fine!

That’s it…not the most exciting topic I would concede but not knowing about fishing licences is a barrier which can easily put a halt to any idea of going fishing with little ones.  I hope you can see that it is straight forward and great value.    

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Have a happy new year

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