• What fishing kit do you need to start fishing with children?

    No need, dear reader, to gaze in bafflement round a dusty fishing shop (and then walk out with a ton of expensive kit that you have no idea how to use!).  We started Get Set Go Fish because we wanted to make it really REALLY easy to get off to a great start in fishing with children. 
  • How to get a fishing licence

    Ahh, the fishing licence.   What is this mysterious certification of angling legitimacy?  Must I be proposed for such by a higher power and low…what doeth one look like? 

  • Taking kids fishing and what's been stopping you

    But most of the time the idea stalls there...going fishing feels just too complicated...bit of a faff, "what about a licence?"..."and where do we actually go anyway?"   Totally fair and I'm not surprised that's enough to make soft play and a late lunch in Pizza Express a better option...hang on, that is actually an excellent option! 

    Anyway, I would like spend a few paragraphs to dispel the myth that fishing is a faff and explain a few  things which might help migrate fishing from 'idea' to the bank.   

  • Top tips on fishing with kids. Welcome to our new blog

    One other thing I should say about our kits is that they are designed to be used on the lakes, rivers and ponds where beginners typically go fishing in the UK. The internet is festooned with various bits and bobs masquerading as fishing starter kits...I can tell you, the vast majority of it is not remotely suitable and won't catch anything!   This was one of the big reasons behind setting up GSGF.  I could imagine how many people have bought this angling bric-a-brac and been disappointed...and then given up.